photo of salish sea Cetaceans

Cetaceans of the Salish Sea

A deeper dive into their lives

Monday June 5, 12-1pm

Join Gary Sutton, Research Technician, from the Whales Initiative Body Condition Research Program in his presentation on the natural history of cetaceans in the Salish Sea and the ongoing research projects. 

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Ocean Wise has been an ocean champion for 50 years. From humble beginnings in Vancouver in 1951, we have grown into a global environmental charity that addresses multiple facets of ocean conservation. Our whales’ team, specifically, focuses on public outreach, contaminants, and health monitoring. “

About Gary Sutton

Gary has been working with whales since 2007. He joined Ocean Wise’s whale body condition and health monitoring team in 2021 as a research technician and photo ID specialist. Prior to joining the team, he spent five years with Bay Cetology’s killer whale monitoring team where he helped identify and track the population of mammal eating Bigg’s killer whales in British Columbia. 

Outside of research, Gary also works as a wildlife guide and photographer. These passions have led him to photograph wildlife, mainly cetaceans (whales, dolphins, and porpoises), globally, including across British Columbia, Hawaii, and New Zealand. His photographs have been used in numerous publications – even featured in Canadian Geographic and National Geographic.

PHOTO: Gary Sutton